We are thrilled to announce that as of last Friday, November 11th, DSN Cloud has been successfully implemented across all 15 Carolinas Center for Oral & Facial Surgery practices, as well as the 2 Carolinas Center for Dental Implants locations in North & South Carolina. Supported by the efforts of the Flagship Training & Implementation Team, over 180+ clinic-based team members and 27+ doctors were trained to use the new software, as well as the 50+ shared services team members supporting those clinical services, like Revenue Cycle Management and Finance. While any EMR/PM implementation brings challenges, CCOFS team members rose to the occasion during go-lives, not only in their support of the patient experience but also in support of their colleagues. Throughout the implementation, we were amazed at the commitment shown by team members as they worked to learn the new system and often new workflows, all while remaining dedicated to patient-centric care.

Partnering with DSN Cloud during this important beta stage has allowed greater influence on the functionality of the software, and we have enjoyed more responsive support because of our close partnership. DSN Cloud continues to upgrade features to further streamline workflows, optimize aspects like reporting to allow for greater efficiency and patient safety while ensuring data protection and HIPAA compliance. Utilizing DSN Cloud as the platform for our multi-location practice allows us to scale our growth more quickly, standardize our processes more uniformly, and hardwire our training efforts and best practices. Additionally, the cloud-based service allows for all patient data to be accessible in real time at any of our locations, and with imaging integration, patient-centric care is delivered at any location at any time needed.