Flagship Specialty Partners is pleased to announce that our new Intranet, Flagship Share, is live! This platform is designed to improve our communication and collaboration by providing a central hub where we can access important company information, documents, and training materials. Flagship Share will be the default homepage on all computers company-wide by the end of today.

Flagship Share will house up-to-date HR and benefits documents, clinical quality guides and logs, patient forms and care instructions, and calendars to stay up-to-date with what’s going on at Flagship and your practice. This also provides access to company policies, procedures, guidelines, training materials, and resources to support daily operations and professional development.

Flagship Share is secure and only authorized team members may access information; to support this, Flagship Share is only accessible to practice location IP addresses. Remote computers, even with the use of a VPN, are not granted access to Flagship Share.

Additionally, doctors and managers will have exclusive areas on Flagship Share designed specifically for their needs, with a wealth of resources tailored to their roles and responsibilities. These areas are password-protected and accessible only to authorized users, thereby maintaining security.