As we work to advance the operations and productivity of our practices during this time of exceptional growth, Flagship Specialty Partners is creating best-in-class relationships with brands positioned as integral components to our success. Flagship Specialty Partners is pleased to announce its partnership with DSN Software, the leading dental specialty software developer based in Centralia, Washington. DSN has engineered and marketed advanced practice management solutions since its founding in 1978.

Flagship Specialty Partners will proudly be among the first practices in the U.S. to utilize the brand new DSN Cloud software. Through cloud-based services, all patient data will be accessible in real time at any of our locations with seamless imaging integration, resulting in enhanced data capabilities and reporting, with immediate access to new features and updates that bring the latest in PM/EMR technology to our team members. Our goal is the most efficient workflow possible for practices, from both a practice management and a clinical perspective.

Beginning this month, Flagship Specialty Partners will utilize a phased implementation approach to integrate DSN Cloud across its practice locations in North & South Carolina. Anticipated launches at each location will consider the seasonality of our operations, as well as allow for personalized support and peer-to-peer training for each team member throughout the go-live period. Flagship Specialty Partners has designed an integration strategy around these core areas:

  • Implementation: the DSN Software and FSP teams have worked side by side over the last nine months to build the DSN Cloud product that will meet our patient care, operational, and financial goals. Enhancements to our DSN Cloud product represent our uniqueness in the market and the premier care we provide to every patient, at every location.
  • Training: On-site training will be led by subject matter experts who follow tailored, tested, and individualized resources and manuals means every team member will become confident users of our new system.
  • Hardware & Tech Support: Involvement of our technical teams ensures the latest hardware integration and real-time support before, during, and after go-live.
  • Continuous Improvement: Truly learning any software begins after go-live and ongoing support is aligned with a commitment to performance improvement and support.

The commitment that DSN offers to provide cutting-edge technology and innovation will deliver a more user-friendly system, enhanced collaboration between our offices, and will ultimately allow us to deliver a higher standard of care for our patients. With the integration of DSN Cloud, Flagship Specialty Partners is situated to have one seamless turnkey solution, allowing our team to focus on what matters most: caring for our patients and our community.