As we continue to grow at an extraordinary pace, it’s imperative that our technology systems can keep up with this growth and are safeguarded around the clock. Our commitment to keeping our systems operating at full capacity to best serve our patients has led to changes in IT and EHR system support and servicing. Flagship Specialty Partners is pleased to announce a new partnership with Qventive, IT management services and EHR solutions provider, to work alongside our in-house IT support.

Qventive is a premier provider of innovative technology solutions for healthcare organizations. Their extensive experience in healthcare IT and software ensures that technology is efficient and effective while significantly minimizing downtime. In addition to managing day to day IT and EHR issues that may arrise, Qventive’s cybersecurity and compliance team diligently monitor all systems companywide to proactively verify that they aren’t vulnerable to a cyberattack or fall short of compliance standards.

For more information about Qventive, please visit their website at