Why Flagship Specialty Partners?

The Flagship Difference

Our strategic partnership in oral surgery practices make it possible to put the practice of oral healthcare back where it belongs — in the hands of oral surgeons. We help you create the exceptional practice you deserve and spend more time focusing on the specialty you love.

  • Increase year-over-year revenue
  • Strengthen your referral network
  • Leverage multiple AAAHC Accredited Surgical Facilities
  • Develop and maintain a high-performing staff
  • Support a practice with a true patient-centered care model
  • Join and learn from partners performing complex surgical cases

Our investment takes care of the business of healthcare — human resources, marketing, technology, finance, reimbursement and more​— to build the profitability of oral surgery practices. 

Our approach advances practitioners’ continuum of care and makes the consumer experience easier and their path to oral surgeons as seamless as possible.​

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Your Full-Scope Practice Awaits

Work hand in hand with leading industry experts in:

  • Dentoalveolar Surgery
  • Dental Implant Placement and Prosthodontics
  • Advanced and Corrective Jaw Surgery
  • TMJ and Facial Pain Treatment
  • Cleft and Craniofacial Surgery
  • Facial Cosmetics

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Education, Collaboration and Mentorship

Squarely focused on continuous improvement, our platform leverages world-class surgeons and physicians to develop a one-of-a-kind ongoing learning model for every partnering practice. Examples include:

  • Establishment of a provider-led Clinical Advisory Board that is committed to developing and implementing a framework that ensures the delivery of safe, effective, high-quality, consistent and patient-centric care. Specifically, the CGB provides oversight of clinical safety and quality, practice operations strategies and initiatives and procurement.
  • Creation of a 'Rising Chiefs Course', an oral board review curriculum designed for senior residents and first-year graduates preparing for oral boards and wanting to gain exposure to the newest technology in our field. Throughout the weekend there will be nine small group sessions designed to maximize your involvement and participation, that will dedicated to each section of the oral boards. Many sessions will have a specialist in the field and walk through live, virtual surgical plans for the multiple sample cases.
  • Ongoing doctor-led 'Best Practices' session across our platform providers
  • Ongoing specialty lectures and courses in partnership with industry and leading Flagship affiliated surgeons
  • Consistent referring provider training, education and support

Financial Services

Financial Services

  • Business intelligence to help each doctor and practice achieve their goals
  • Monthly reporting with drill-down capability
  • Transparency; benchmarking—internal and external

Human Resources

  • Platform-wide goal: Engaged, motivated teammates who love coming to work
  • Full-time recruiting and onboarding for all clinical and non-clinical staff
  • Team member recognition and engagement programs
  • Programs for skill development; career growth opportunities; coaching
  • Reconciliation of pay/benefits/PTO with the specific goal that no one is worse off, even if structure changes


  • Best-in-class Referral Marketing Program, including outreach, educational support and events
  • Comprehensive Patient Acquisition strategy—collaboration, feedback, reporting
  • End-to-end digital marketing: website, SEO, SEM, social media, reputation management, email and graphic design
  • Paid media support—display, video, offline
  • Practice building content generation, PR, earned media
  • Consumer-focused marketing support/option, including community engagement: sponsorships, events, word-of-mouth campaigns
  • Coordinated patient experience and communications support


  • Platform-wide goal: Outstanding Clinical Excellence
  • Practice Manager skill development—toolkit, coaching, training, motivation
  • Expertise in optimizing schedules for surgeon production and quality of life
  • Improved Patient onboarding—Liine, Intiveo, and a patient experience team
  • Centralized in-person and virtual training classes; structured curricula
  • Full-time traveling, on-site trainers—both routine and ad-hoc
  • Regulatory and compliance expertise, e.g. pathway for AAHC accreditation
  • Online resource library and tools
Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management

  • Contract enhancement—better reimbursement rates
  • Optimized coding—benchmarked across peers
  • Shorten (or at least, maintain) the reimbursement window
  • Fewer avoidable write-offs
  • Faster/better/higher pre-authorizations and pre-determination
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